www.villageofsilverlakewi.com  /and/  www.townofsalem.net  will soon become one.  While this website will remain functional, for future activity you may be re-directed to:

The Village of Salem Lakes @ http://www.villageofsalemlakes.org/

The Silver Lake Village Hall IS CLOSED for future business

The last day to do business in person at 113 S. First Street in Silver Lake was Wednesday, June 14th, 2017.  The current staff and all business is being re-located to the Salem Hall located at 9814 Antioch Road (Hwy 83) in Salem, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 4pm.

Salem Lakes Municipal Court(s)

The Village of Silver Lake and the Town of Salem have merged into one entity known as “The Village of Salem Lakes”.  Municipal Court for the former Village of Silver Lake is Branch 1 with the Honorable Marlene Engstrom presiding and is held at 113 S. First Street in Silver Lake.  Municipal Court for the former Town of Salem is Branch 2 with the Honorable Michael Langel presiding is held at 9814 Antioch Road in Salem.

Methods of paying citations for Branch 1 – Silver Lake – are limited to the following options:

  • In person, Monday – Friday, 8a – 4p, at the Salem Hall located at 9814 Antioch Road (Hwy 83) with cash, check or money order only (there is an ATM machine located in the lobby)
  • By mailing your check or money order payable to:  Silver Lake Municipal Court, PO Box 1233, Silver Lake, WI, 53170
  • To pay by credit or debit card using this website and follow the instructions for “Secure Online Payment” (aka: Point & Pay)

REFER TO:   http://www.villageofsalemlakes.org/   for all future information regarding activity in the Village of Salem Lakes